My journey to healing my soul

I’ve made me a priority–ya you know that person? myself? That person that is the easiest to neglect and forget about. I’ve had many ups and downs with my mental health over the past couple of years, but what I failed to realize is that I wasn’t balanced. In order to understand being off balance you have to understand the pillars themselves. This post will be about that. It’s an important prequel to what is to come. If you know about them please know that this is MY understanding and belief of them. And that’s the beauty of being in tune with oneself–all that matters is what feels right–not what others think is right.

I’ve taken class after class that preaches about wellness and the importance of it. This will be a lesson, so please get ready *wink*

The pillars of wellness, because although most researchers agree there are indeed pillars, they don’t agree on the number of them nor the pillars themselves, are used as a high level description of a soul concept. Some researchers recognize pillars others don’t and some are far more generic and use more umbrella-ish terms–I personally recognize seven. These seven describe the components needed to achieve true wellness. It’s best to think of them as evenly spaced pillars holding up the “self”, meaning if one is missing or in bad shape it’s off balance and incomplete. The pillars are as follows:

Mental: this one signifies mental health. Stress, mental illness, depression, etc. all cause this pillar to be off.

Emotional: This is wellness of emotions. Do you express anger and not dwell in it? Can you experience true happiness?

Physical: This is obvious, physical health is important for life. However in the holistic realm this is more than what you see on the outside. Are you truly cleansed? Is your body truly rejuvenated and unblocked?

Intellectual: This signifies openness to new things, opportunities, education. This is the mind gaining.

Social: Do you have someone you can speak to in confidence? Do you have someone you can trust or that is there for you?

Environmental: This one if iffy for me, environmental is described as are you comfortable with your contributions to the environment, personally I think of it as do you improve the environment your in or do you pollute it? And I’m not talking about just trash–energy, vibes, whatever you want to call it.

Spiritual: What ever grounds you. Your belief (or non-belief) system.

The next blog will be about my wellness and my pillars, I’ll talk about which ones have collapsed, which are crumbling and which are standing strong.

Until next time. XOXOXOXOX

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