Hello everyone. My name is Tara and I am a hot mess. I suffer from major depressive disorder, generalized and social anxiety, as well as panic disorder. I have 4 daughters that are unique and teach me daily. My husband is the level-headed one, although sometimes he’s too calm and it starts to bother me. My dog is not smart. She is cute and cuddly, but she is not smart. Now my guinea pig is smart. Lucy (named after Lucy from Despicable Me) knows her shit and terrorizes the dog daily. 

Besides momming, I work full-time as an admin for a bunch of people. I do HR work, payroll work, handle outside contractors, blah, blah, blah. Basically if they don’t know who does it–it’s probably me. I also go to school part-time, working on my Masters.

I am/was a teen mother, a single mom, a VSG patient, mental health patient, I was “gifted”, grew up in the hood, bi-racial, non-religious, and just weird. I look forward to sharing my life with everyone 🙂