It’s been a long while…16 weeks post-op VSG

Hi everyone! It has been a while since I have wrote in here. Partly because I feel like I should have made this anonymous so that I could truly write freely, partly because I have had so much going on that I just couldn’t possibly keep up. But now that the birthday/holiday season has reached it’s end I will be back on here more regularly.

I’m going to start with my VSG update as that is probably what most are curious about. I am 16 weeks post-op. As of the last time I was on the scale I am down a total of 64 lbs since September 6. Pretty amazing huh? I don’t stick to the diet nor have I exercised much so honestly I could be in a much better position if I really applied myself.  But going into this I knew I chose this surgery for it’s portion limiting– not any other reason.  I did not plan to eat like a rabbit nor did I plan on becoming a crossfit fanatic.  I am improving myself, I walk and lift light weights while at work– I don’t drink pop, I RARELY eat out, in fact I rarely eat much at all.  I pretty much just consume coffee, water, and protein shakes, but believe me if I want a burger I eat the whole two bites my stomach allows me. LOL  I’ve had little to no side effects besides much longer periods with much worse cramping– but I’m told that should subside as time goes on. I have no problem eating and drinking at the same time whereas most VSG patients cannot.  I have no issues with foods besides greasy food.  My scars did keloid unfortunately but it was definitely worth it! I did better with my vitamins pre-op than I am now but I’m working on it. Very little hair loss, much more energy.

My mental has held strong.  I’m still on the same medication with the same dosage as before surgery.  I feel like it really works well for me. I don’t go to therapy or anything anymore although I have considered it.  I’ve started my master’s program and I absolutely love it.  I switched from Health Administration (BORING) to Human Services (WORTHWHILE).  My kids drive me insane as usual but otherwise nothing out of the ordinary.

So in summary–NEW:

Started my Master’s in a different field

Lost a significant amount of weight

Started selling Paparazzi Accessories (Join my VIP!!


Same mental health meds.

Same husband.

Same kids.

Same job. Although that may be changing soon 😉




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