20 Facts about me

Now this should be a fun one! 20 whole facts about me. I hope you learn something. And I’m looking for friends. I currently have very few and would love new ones. If I seem like someone you’d click with let me know! I guess I talk too much for people to like? I’ve never understood why I have such difficulty making friends. But that will be another blog post 🙂

  1. I am so adaptable to my environment and the people around me that it took until I was in my late 20’s to realize who I really am.  In fact I’m still learning.
  2. I am an undedicated nerd.  Meaning I love Transformers, Harry Potter, Twilight, Marvel, DC, etc. but I have never quite absolutely favored one over the other. Except Harry Potter. Potterhead for life!
  3. I will read any book where the character has fangs/supernatural powers.  Vampires, werewolves, shapeshifters, fae, ghouls, damphirs, witches, necromancers, etc.
  4. My favorite colors are glitter, black, and pink.
  5. I do not LOVE music. It’s okay but it doesn’t resonate with me like it does others.  I prefer silence.
  6. I will not read a book if it’s not part of a series.  I simply read too fast and am irritated when books end. I prefer long books in long series.
  7. I never drank coffee until 2017.  Now I cannot imagine life without my iced coffee. It’s literally probably 70% of my diet.
  8. Pizza is my absolute favorite food. Mexican is my favorite cuisine.
  9. I love horror movies and action. It is extremely rare that I will choose to watch a comedy, romance, or anything of the sort. Except Titanic.
  10. I will pay extra for pretty, meaning if I have a choice to get a plain pink notebook for $1 and a glittery pink notebook for $3 chances are I’m going with the glitter.
  11. I go through hoarding tendencies. Once I decide I like something I go crazy and buy a bunch. Then I switch gears. I’ve been through an Air Max phase, an Urban Decay phase, a Smolder Cosmetics phase, a boots phase, flip flop phase, an Origins phase, an any new pallette have to have it phase, and currently I’m on AE jeans.  Makeup in general is not a phase. It’s a lifelong commitment HAHA.
  12. I don’t think I will ever get into purses. I just really couldn’t care less and cannot imagine spending over $150 (I mean that’s REALLY pushing it)  for one.
  13. I’ll spend $150 on shoes or makeup in a heartbeat though.
  14. When I was little I wanted to be a veterinarian. Turns out I just hated seeing strays. I really don’t like animals that much. Like I like them, but I don’t love them.
  15. I have to keep busy.  I cannot imagine not having something to do.  It actually amazes me what I am capable of.
  16. On paper the amount of things I do seems impossible but I do them.  On paper my income seems sufficient but it’s not. The irony.
  17. My favorite holidays are Halloween and Valentines Day. I enjoy Christmas but I think that it is way overdone.
  18. I will be 30 in 2019 and it really bothers me because those two numbers just don’t make sense. 30 in 2020 would make sense– 30 in 2018 okay at least they are both even numbers. But 30 in 2019?! Seriously. Ugh.
  19. I’ve wanted to be 30 since I was 25. I just feel like I will finally feel like a grown up.  I have 4 kids, a demanding career, a husband, etc. but I still feel like little 19 year old Tara.
  20. Finally, I often give up on things when I don’t get the support, approval, or attention I like.  I will not do that anymore. If I like it, if I want it, I will continue–regardless of my audience and regardless of others opinions or success.

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