Conversations with my Kids: Maya & Cheer

So I normally post these types of things on Facebook–but I’ve decided that I want to share my children’s amazing conversations with the world. More so that 10 years from now I can look back and laugh. This is a short conversation I had with Maya (12) yesterday when I picked her up from school.

Maya: Mom, I know you wanted me to do band practice after school, but I signed up for cheerleading and it’s at the same time.

Me: Okay Maya do which ever you’d prefer

Maya: *super excitedly* Okay–well I’m going to do cheer. I’ve already learned a few cheers in the back of class.

Me: *hotmess mom not wanting to schedule an appointment and sit in the dr. office for 2.5 hrs style* Wait–don’t you have to have a physical and all that to participate in cheerleading?!

Maya: Nope, it’s a club–not a sport

Me: *feeling slightly offended but relieved* Okay–well that’s fine.

Maya: I’m so excited, I’ll be cheering at all of the games and—-

Me: Wait a minute. These games. When are they?

Maya: After school. You’ll just have to pick me up late. It’ll be just like you going to PTO.

Me: Umm… No it’s not. PTO is 2-4 times a month MAX.

Maya: Well I meant the coming to the school part. And I’m getting my costume from Mrs. B.

Me: Your costume? You mean your cheer uniform?

Maya: Yea that. *Gasps loudly*


Maya: This means I’ll have to shave my legs ALL THE TIME

Me: *cracking up* I just can’t with you right now……

So there you have it folks. My super clumsy, uncoordinated daughter is going to participate in Cheer “Club” I’m excited and proud to know that she’s brave enough to do something like this (because I wouldn’t have) and I’m requesting all of the positive vibes I can get that she doesn’t break a bone or do any serious damage to herself or her friends.

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