Conversations with my Kid: Malia (4) and the Ghost

Last night I was painting my nails, minding my own business. It was around bedtime so I tell Malia to get into bed. I forgot that I left our sock bin on the bed (for those who don’t know what that is–it’s legit a laundry basket full of socks that all 6 of us dig in every morning to find matches, I don’t have time to match socks over here!). I’m doing my thing and I hear a boom. I turn around. Malia clearly pushed it off the bed. 

Me: Malia why would you push the sock bin off of the bed. Now you can clean them all up. 

Malia: I didn’t do it. 

Me: Malia–there’s only me and you in here. I know you did it.

Malia: No I didn’t. I didn’t do that, *while grabbing my phone off the charger and rolling onto her belly as if to dismiss me*

Me: Who did it then Malia? 

Malia: *whips around with a duh face on* Obisly (that’s her obviously…hahaha) the ghost did it. 

Me: Malia there’s no ghosts in here

Malia: Yes there is. And they just pushed the sock bin off like this *she reenacts the pushing of the sock bin off the bed* 

Me: Really. That’s what happened. 

Malia: *sure as shit* Yep, that’s obisly what happened. *Rolls back on to her belly*

And not a single sock was cleaned up last night. 

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