My Messy Mind— I tried it… and I liked it

So I buy and try a bunch of stuff.  I’m a top 10,000 Amazon Reviewer (used to be in the top 5,000 but I stopped reviewing when the rules got all wanky) and I love to shop. So I just figured I’d share my personal experience with a few things I’ve tried each month.  Now I literally could fill about 5-10 pages reviewing everything I try so I’ll pick a few and go with them 🙂

Silicon Mix by Avanti

I read that this was an amazing hair conditioner popular with Dominican’s and as of recently became super popular for detangling and restoring wigs, bundles, etc.  After reading some Amazon reviews I decided to give it a shot. This product is not natural friendly unless you use it as a sealant due to the mineral oil in it.  It’s supposed to coat the hair with a silicone like substance making it super manageable, shiny, and restore curls. I had read reviews that said to deep condition first so I washed and conditioned with my Redken color extend shampoo and conditioner and then applied this to my head.  It says to leave it on 2-3 minutes but I left it on for about 5 minutes before rinsing it off.  After detangling I noticed my hair was definitely easier to brush and it was shinier than usual.  After two uses I am able to wear my hair down with no product and I don’t look like a hot mess. I’ll put pictures below. I’d definitely say this product is a win and I will continue to use it.  Here’s the link to the product on Amazon:

The infamous “Black Mask”

Obviously I had to try the black mask that’s supposed to magically suck out all of your black heads and clean your pores. I have a major blackhead problem on my nose and I try and have tried many, many methods (I’ll probably do an entire blog post on this later). So I bought this one: There are a ton of different ones so I’m only speaking to the one I purchased.  My first time using it hurt like hell. I applied a thick coat (using my hands which was a mistake) to my entire face. I left it on for about 45 minutes before it was completely dry and then peeled it off.  It literally ripped every tiny facial hair I had off my face. The second time I applied a thinner layer to my entire face and it still hurt like hell and was much less effective. The next few times I only used it on my nose and chin, applied a thick layer using a brush and it does indeed pull out black heads/white heads.  Overall I like this product. I don’t love it but it is a much cheaper alternative to Biore strips so I will continue to use it.

Eucerin In-Shower Body Lotion

I may or may not be a tad bit lazy in the morning… So I noticed that I’m a bit more motivated while in the shower than when I’m freezing my ass off outside of the shower.  After saying that I needed a spray on lotion or something 50 times I decided to look into it and found these in-shower lotions. I was critical, I mean really? I figured A. It was going to be like rubbing conditioner on my body or B. It was going to be like rubbing baby oil on my body. It actually sat in my shower a few days before I finally decided to give it a try.  You wash your body as normal, apply the in-shower lotion, rinse it off, get out and dry off as normal.  First off, this is not oily at all nor is it sticky.  After rinsing I had doubts as I didn’t feel any residue or anything left to actually moisturize my skin, but upon drying off I noticed I didn’t get that immediate skin shrinking-need moisture feeling. A few hours later I was still good, no ash, no dryness, hell even my elbows were soft. I’m currently a week into using it and I’ll never go back. A++ in my book. I bought mine on Amazon although I’m sure they sell it many other places.

Stay tuned for many, many more of these 🙂 *muahz*



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