Messy Monday–Microblading

I feel comfortable speaking on this subject now that I’ve had my 1st follow-up/touch-up appointment.

Micro blading has changed my life significantly.  I have always been self-conscious about my eyebrows, far before they were a thing. I know a few people that got them tattooed and while most of them looked good it just wasn’t the look I was going for.  I spent hundreds of dollars on pomades, pencils, eyebrow kits and creams, and even when I did find something that worked for me (which was actually Nyx’s $6 gel eyebrow cream…go figure) it took me at least 20 minutes a day to put them on and they were never perfect.

As Facebook knows everything ads for micro blading started showing up in my feed (surprise!). I looked into it and I was impressed, I mean the brows looked REAL! I decided at that moment that I had to do it so I started looking for reputable people in Michigan. I found a few salons/spas but I just didn’t want to get my eyebrows done by someone who knew how to do it “too”, I wanted someone who specialized in micro blading and had a portfolio to show for it.  One day an ad for Permanent Makeup by Tia popped into my newsfeed—and the pictures blew my mind. I did look at a few other people but Tia was the only person in Michigan where I could look at her pictures and love EVERY one.  I decided to schedule an appointment.

The actual experience:

I set up my appointment online through Tia’s website. She sent me a text message a few hours later to confirm date and time. Appointments are booked for 3 hours and you will use the entire 3 hours.

The day of my appointment I drove to her brand new location in Troy (yes it’s in a hospice building but I promise it’s okay) and waited for my appointment time. As soon as she walked in the door she was extremely professional and friendly. Her space is very clean and sterile looking, everything is white, acrylic, clear, or glass yet she made the space stylish by choosing pieces that are aesthetically pleasing.

About 1 ½ -2 hours of your appointment is spent on education and drawing prior to the micro blading.  She gave me all of the forms to fill out and explained prices, the process and follow up care. (Micro blading is $650 for those wondering) I showed her pictures of my “drawn in brows” for reference and then it was then time to begin. Tia went on to explain the ink, mixed/customized it to me (which she keeps a record of for follow up appointments), and then began drawing them on.

Tia is a perfectionist so once she thinks she has a shape you’ll like (about an hour later), you will look in the mirror and tell her what you think or if you want changes.  In my case I wanted my brows squarer at the beginning. Tia fixed them to my liking, I confirmed, and it was time to begin the actual micro blading.

Numbing gel is applied, you sit for about 15 minutes and then she makes the first few cuts, I did experience minor pain during this process. More numbing gel is applied and you sit an additional 10-15 minutes before she finishes the blading process. Towards the end I did begin to feel the cuts again, but honestly the sound is what truly made me cringe. Once all of the cuts are made she “soaks” them in the ink color, which does burn as the ink has alcohol in it.  She cleans you up and you are all set.

And that folks is how the initial appointment goes! *muahz*


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