My Unapologetic Mind—4/20 isn’t only for hippies

Happy 4/20 day! Even if you don’t partake in marijuana everyone knows that 4/20 is the official “High Holiday” Personally I don’t use marijuana nor have I ever.  My reasons why have changed throughout the years but really the main reason is because I cannot stand smoke in my lungs. The thought of it makes my chest hurt. Oh but there are edibles and vapes and oils, yea I know, but I just don’t think it’s something I need.  But just because I don’t need it doesn’t mean others don’t.  I am a firm supporter of legalizing marijuana for multiple reasons–it would create career opportunities, keep families together, and it helps people heal.

I know too many people that I consider a friend go to jail for charges related to the distribution or possession of marijuana. Sometimes it was a small amount, sometimes it was a large amount. Some of the people I knew were GREAT at what they did.  They knew how to market their product, they networked, and had all types of business skills—but they also had their reasons as to why they couldn’t go legit. I know one particular person that struggled in school both academically and socially– couldn’t read past elementary level and couldn’t stay still long enough to finish a class. But this person was a GENIOUS at marijuana.  He knew all the strains, could eyeball amounts, was an excellent sales person, just all around good at the business of marijuana. Unfortunately, what he was good at was illegal and put him in jail.  Imagine if it wasn’t illegal, imagine if these people that are so amazing at what they do COULD be legit.  It would not only give them a legit income but it would help keep families that would be otherwise broken apart by jail time together.

I’m not trying to be a smart ass or make this an educational post.  There are no statistics or proof here, but there is truth.  Let’s help legitimize these business people.  Let’s give them a chance at being great at something that has been proven to be medicinal. Let’s legalize it.

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