Sibling Drama

I’ve been debating on whether I want to start this over and be anonymous, there are just somethings that I don’t wish everyone to know. So many times I wanted to run here and vent but I was unable to because of my fear of others opinions and feelings.  Today I’ve decided that I really don’t give a shit anymore.  I’m going to speak my mind and speak freely, and if anyone doesn’t like what’s being said then don’t read it.

I’m going to start this by stating that my relationships with everyone in my family has been quite a rollercoaster ride.  Now that I am older I’ve realized that not everything is peaches and cream if you know what I mean.  I grew up in a very non-traditional family.  In my mind it was completely normal but when I’m speaking to friends and have to explain the relationship I realize maybe it’s not.  But that’s okay. My not normal family was fucking amazing and I will never use words like half— or step–. I had 4 sisters and 2 brothers growing up. I REALLY had 2 half-sisters, 3 step-sisters and 4 half-brothers. I NOW have 2 sisters and 2 brothers.  Quite a conundrum huh?

My relationship with my siblings has been, well let’s just say “rocky”.  Ironically the sisters that I share blood with couldn’t be any lesser of a sister. My true sisters are my two “step” sisters. While my one brother is MIA he’s still my brother and I love him to pieces.  Everyone knows my other brother.  I am my brother’s keeper.  The other two MEN I share a father with are dead to me.

Writing is therapeutic. This is probably going to get messy, but I’m going to be selfish and say I don’t care and I will be continuing.  I’m getting married tomorrow and I’m blessed to be marrying into an AMAZING family. I’m good. I’m happy and this helps. Period.

Blessed Be.

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