Messy Update– Just life

So it’s been a while. I tend to do these “breaks” often in everything in my life.  I start something and then quickly it becomes like a chore more than something I want to do because I feel obligated to do it.  I guess that’s the Gemini in me, us crazies don’t like anything routine.  Anyhow it is not the end of May, Michael’s birthday is tomorrow and I have yet to decide what to get him.  My mental health is probably at its peak of wellness, I feel sane and myself, my hormones seemed to have balanced out and everything is going well.

I’m going to use this blog entry to kind of update on everything going on.  I was approved as a candidate for the gastric sleeve surgery last week.  This has been a work in process for a while now, I started my “supervised” weight loss visits in January so my 6 months required for my insurance will be up at the end of July.  Besides that, my requirements are fairly simply– see a dietician again, go to 2 classes, and fill out a bunch of forms and paperwork.  After all of that I will be all set to set up a surgery date. I will blog along this journey as I know how important other people’s vlogs and blogs about the process were to me.  I probably watched 50 videos and read tons of blogs of people that have already went through the process before I felt confident enough to start it myself.

My 10YO went to 5th grade camp last week and she had an amazing time.  It was the first overnight camp she’s been to and now I know that it is definitely something I should look into for the summer for her.  I’ve always wanted to load my kids up with fun summer activities but somehow I always don’t do it.  Money definitely plays a factor in this but I promise to myself I will be better next year and the kids WILL go to camp.

Me and Michael are going to get REALLY married.  We’ve been playing a married couple for some years now but it’s time to get it done.  Unfortunately, due to expenses this will be a courthouse marriage. We’ll be lucky to do dinner afterwards hahahaha.  Oh well, it’s the fact that we will be married that matters right?!

I think this is all I really have for today, I shall return soon.

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