RIP Girl I don’t know

This morning while walking the dog I overheard a conversation between a group of female tweens, probably between the ages of 11-13 and it made me sad.  Just to sum it up, the conversation began about how they were sad so-and-so died.  Then one girl said RIP so-and-so. And this is where it got sad, another girl said “she’s not resting in peace, she’s burning in hell” a couple of the girls agreed with her stating suicide is a sin and she’s in hell.  A couple others denied it stating God wouldn’t do that to a child, children are exempt.  The argument went on and they basically decided the girl was in hell because if God could allow children on Earth to suffer than surely he’d send this girl who committed suicide to hell.

I am not a religious person. Spiritual, but not religious.  Hearing these girls speak so candidly about suicide and the implications hurt my heart. I do not judge anyone’s religion, but to think that children who succumbed to the pressures of life are now in a worse place is just disheartening. These girls spoke with such absolution there was no swaying their belief.  Personally I just want to say rest in peace girl whom they spoke of.  May your body nourish the Earth and your spirit be given back to the world.

Blessed Be.

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