Updates because I do things like this


I got MARRIED! Yes, I did– me and Michael decided there was no reason not to and if we keep holding out until we can afford to have an actual wedding it may never happen. So we did it. It was as expected, we had to stop our vows to chase Malia around because she stole the mayor’s inhaler.  Kara said she was embarrassed when we kissed. Maya thought we were already married.


I just signed up for Peanut which is apparently the Tinder for moms looking for other moms.  It’s pretty sad that I’ve lived in Ypsilanti for almost 10 years now and only recently have I met another mom friend.  And she happens to be my neighbor and she’s awesome.  Other than that it’s family.  I think that my background is what shy’s me away from other moms.  I’m so worried that they’ll talk about me behind my back about my life choices that I just avoid the situation completely. It sucks.

Bariatric Surgery:

I only have 1 more appointment and I will meet my 6-months of medically supervised weight loss requirement for my gastric sleeve surgery. So I’m looking at a late August, early September surgery date. I’m so excited that I can barely contain myself yet it still seems so unreal.  I’ve began going to support groups and I love it! It’s amazing to see people of all different ages, weights, ethnicities, genders, etc. and be able to hear about their journey and where they are.  I am currently down 12 pounds from when I started my supervised weight loss which is awesome because they told me I really just needed to maintain my current weight.  I have a couple more support group meetings, 1 more PCP appointment which is on July 25th, and an appointment with the bariatric team’s dietician before I can turn in my letter stating I’ve met all of my requirements for surgery.   After that they will schedule my anesthesia consultation, my surgery consultation, and then two weeks prior to surgery I will begin my liquid diet.


I just have to share this conversation between my 7 and my 4-year-old:

4YO burps really loud

4YO: haha I burp really loud

7YO: I fart louder

4YO: I fart like a grown man

7YO: My farts smell like skunk and hotdogs

4YO: Yea we both have stinky farts

7YO: Yea we do

In case you were wondering what kind of daughters I’m raising hahahahahha

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