VSG–Small Non-Scale Victories

I want to share some of the little things that mean so much to me in this weight loss journey.

  1. When I bend my knee I no longer have that fat bump.
  2. Speaking of bending my knees I can sit criss-cross-applesauce again!! Whooohoo!
  3. I can buckle my shoes without having to come up for air
  4. I no longer have the super tight feeling when I put jackets, sweaters, or cardigans on across my shoulders
  5. I don’t get all the creases and crevices in my belly from my jeans because they aren’t tight there anymore
  6. I don’t run out of breath going up a flight of stairs
  7. I can go from the floor to standing to the floor to standing without running out of breath
  8. I have a neck again!!!
  9. My lower back pain has subsided significantly

Again this is just a few of the positive things going on.  On another note I’m down another 2lbs since my last weigh in.  My clothes are finally starting to feel looser, I’ve dropped from a 44 to a 40 in bras (same cup size so far thank goodness!), and my panties and rings are falling off. My diet is still pretty much the same, black iced coffee with caramel premier protein for breakfast and lunch, then meat and veggies for dinner.  I don’t really snack, mostly because I’m literally sipping on my coffee/protein mix and water all day and there’s no need for it.  I’ve been taking all my vitamins lately (YAY!) and I feel much more energized and healthy than when I wasn’t.  Take your vitamins folks! Overall everything seems to be going well, I’m really hoping to meet my next goal by next week! Until next time!


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