VSG Almost Week 5

So since I’m on lunch and I cannot eat anything of substance I’ve decided I should update on my VSG! So today I am 2 days shy of 5 weeks out and I am 40lbs down from my highest weight.  I’m FINALLY noticing a difference in my clothes and it is definitely easier to move which was my MAIN concern.  I have not taken any official measurements since surgery but I think I will start a blog specifically for that and will edit it with dates/measurements as time goes on. My pain is at 0 and I have one incision that is still healing, the rest are all closed up and the scarring really isn’t that bad.  None of them have a keloid which makes me very happy as I tend to get them.  I’ve not started any special lotions or anything although I do have bio-oil in my Amazon cart.  

I am a stubborn person so I have to learn my lesson the hard way in everything.  What that means is I’ve tested my tummy through many circumstances that my doctor specifically told me not to.  I’ve ate fresh apples– of which I could finish about 1/3 of a small one with peanut butter and I had no issues.  I’ve ate corn (about 2 teaspoons full) and had no issues. I tend to stick to veggies and meat, rarely do I eat anything with carbs.  Warm drinks do not settle well in my tummy and I get a little nauseous from taking my pills. Bread makes me nauseous every time, this includes bread, cake, or any other bread like product. Red sauce is a no-no (I tried it on meatballs and yes I tried pizza…) The only time I really throw up is if I eat too quickly otherwise I tend to be able to hold it down.  Speaking of, if I swallow something too large it physically hurts.  I can feel it moving down my esophagus into my stomach and it is painful.  Not like an ache—but like it’s stuck and won’t go down. 

My current diet looks something like this—caramel protein shake with iced coffee around 7:30. Another caramel protein drink with iced coffee around 11.  2-4 cracker sized pieces of turkey and cheddar around 12 (I don’t eat the cracker). Lots and lots of water. For dinner I eat whatever meat and veggie we are eating but in small amounts.  For instance, I can eat about 7 green beans and 1/3 of a baked thin-sliced center loin pork chop.

I’ve been experimenting with protein stuff and I’ve discovered I hate the liquid Muscle Milk, I hate the Vitamin Shop brand of whey protein, Isopure clear proteins are okay but not as great as I thought and I bought a full case of them (boooo…), and I’ll basically be sticking to my premier protein shakes.  The chocolate was not great (coming from a chocolate lover), the vanilla was good in iced coffee, the caramel is great alone or with iced coffee, and I have a banana to try when I get home.

Whew. I feel like I’ve gotten everything. Any questions feel free to ask!


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