VSG Update 6.5 months post-op

Hi everyone! It has been a long time since I’ve updated on my VSG journey so I thought it was time to do so! I’m currently down 74lbs total. 9lbs away from my first goal, 30lbs away from my MAJOR goal, and 49lbs away from my 1 year goal! I’m super excited but also nervous as a lot has changed. I have no issues with any food so far–meaning I can eat what ever I want. Meaning it’s up to me to NOT put good things in my mouth. I still have some restriction although it is NOTHING like it was the first 2 months. It still takes a while for me to feel “full” so I have to pre-judge the amount I eat otherwise overeating is highly likely.

My scars did keloid over but they are still not that bad. My largest one is probably an inch long and about 3mm wide. Bio-Oil and Mederma seem to do nothing for them although the bio-oil has helped significantly with my stretch marks.

Currently my diet goes something like this:

Go to work– between 7:30-4 I drink about 3 cups of black iced coffee using my premier protein as creamer. I’ll typically eat an orange, apple with peanut butter, and maybe a protein bar throughout the day as well.

At home– typically I’ll eat something small– a bowl of cereal, some eggs, or a little bit of what ever I’m making the kids.

I drink about 24-32oz of plain water or Karma water a day.

The weekends are a free for all– although I tend to still not eat very much.

Yes– I know I need to add veggies in there. But I don’t like very many (in fact I can count on one hand) and I take vitamins anyways (well sometimes).

On the topic of vitamins. I’m really bad with them. I’ll do good for a while and then not take them for a while. My blood work thus far has came back good so I’m not too worried about it.

I have not started working out yet– Although that will be happening soon because I tried some shorts on yesterday and ummm… yes these thighs need some tightening up! I don’t have a ton of loose skin, I don’t think I will require skin removal at all. I mean my vanity may do it through plastics but I don’t think I’ll medically qualify at all. Overall I am extremely happy with my progress and I look forward to losing these last 30 pounds! (Hopefully 49–but 30 would still be AMAZING)

Until next time….xoxox

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