Momming 4 Girls: Lies Vol 1

So I’ve done Truths Vol 1, and I felt as if I needed to follow up with the lies.

First of all, your daughters will not be all photogenic and love frilly dresses, matching, and bows in their hair. In fact, based on my girls you have about a 50% chance of that happening.

They will not watch TV together and hold hands and dance in circles to Bubble Guppies and The Little Mermaid. Oh they’ll be touching, but it won’t be friendly hand holding–it’ll be kicking because one is touching the others cushion on the couch or hitting because one snatched the remote from the other.

They will not have super cute hair styles all of the time and wear cute outfits with clean un-worn looking shoes everyday. Seriously, unless you absolutely FORCE them, they won’t even let you TOUCH their hair daily. And they find mud and puddles. Trust me.

They don’t WANT to be clean. There is this idea that boys are inherently stinkier and dirtier than girls. Please. My daughters will go days without showering or changing clothes if I let them. Most don’t care if their clothes are clean or dirty. They don’t see the need of socks with tennis shoes. Messy face? Wipe it on the sleeve. Messy hands. Wipe it on the pants. Oh and my 5 year old needs deodorant.

Pink. Pink will be everywhere! Lies. In fact out of 4 girls not one of them prefers pink. Red. Blue. Even purple. But no pink. In fact one of my daughters despises pink.

Potty training will be simple. Lies. Potty training is simply not simple regardless of the child. It is a challenge, some may be easier to train than others but trust me it’s never “simple”

This is about all I can think of for now. Any specific questions feel free to ask!




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