Cheetos and weight loss: VSG (non)update

So my daughter has taken on the challenge of eating hot cheetos, mac n cheese, pizza,  toast and losing weight. Yea I know right… Good luck to her…Until she text me today “mom I can fit my old pants from 4th grade again” Say whaaa? “That’s great hunny. Mom can look at a cheeto and she develops a roll on her back but you continue to eat and lose weight.”

So yea, I’m not eating the best. In fact I’ve regressed back to two of my worst habits, fast food and late night eating. Oh and chocolate, which is funny because I never really ate it consistently before. Now I need it daily. So what is really going on? Luckily I’ve remained the same weight but who knows how long that’ll last. This will be my public shaming. I will EAT BETTER. I DID NOT HAVE FULL ON VSG SURGERY TO GO BACK TO BEING A FATASS. I’m not even a year out folks. I am proof that surgery isn’t the easy way out. Getting VSG is obtaining a tool–its your choice whether you use it. It’s like I’ve been handed a shovel and I’m using it to hold up a tarp for shade while I dig with my hands. I’m wasting time. You only get 18 months for the sleeve to be effective. I’ll be at one year on September 6th and I still have 10lbs to get to the doctors recommended weight and 20 to get to my realistic goal weight and 45 to get to my TRUE goal weight.

I’m sure all the exercise I’m not doing is helping too. I went from full fledged gym rat, aerial classes, daily walking at work and yoga at home to nill. Not a damn thing. I lost my Apple Watch, my apartments no longer have access to a gym, my work load is so high I’m coming in early and working late, and I’m so damn broke I’m picking and choosing between needs and needs. I have this itch to get back to it but a serious lack of get up and go. Like I know once I start I’d love it again but getting over that bump seems impossible. So right now, it’s absolutely my sleeve saving me from gaining a shit ton of weight. But imagine where I’d be if I was eating better and exercising.

Oh and my body is paying for my lack of vitamins. (Which can also prevent weight loss btw) I’m not taking vitamins, my hair is falling out, my once unbreakable toe nails are so damn thin they they cannot possibly grow, and my finger nails are as much protection to my nail bed as dollar tree plastic wrap. So. Now that I’ve announced all of my failures and excuses out loud what are my intentions? I’ll tell you one thing. I won’t be setting any firm limits. I’m not good with those. It’ll just cause me to disappear from here and not update for months. I’m just going to state that I intend on making some changes and losing AT LEAST the 10 lbs to get to my surgeons goal weight by August 10th. Which is my daughters birthday so it’ll be an easy day to remember. And by September 6th, my 1-year surgi-versery I will be at my realistic goal. Boom. That’s all.


4 thoughts on “Cheetos and weight loss: VSG (non)update

  1. You’re not taking any vitamins? Didn’t your surgeon require them the first year? I can’t stand the raunchy chewable ones but found some capsules and they are amazing. Funny you write about chocolate – I am obsessed and eat it daily. I swear it’s bc I’m low in magnesium! hahaha


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