My Messy Mind 3/17/2017

So today is St. Patrick’s day and I was all prepared. I had bought the kids the awesome outfits advertised all over the Children’s Place website last month, bought glitter green bows, stickers and everything. Did you catch that was prepared? I was prepared for St. Patrick’s day shortly after Valentine’s Day, buuuuuut I was not ready today. I got up, got the kids dressed and at 6:46 I realized that today was indeed the day they are supposed to wear all of that gear I bought. Since I have to be out the door at 7:00 and I had no idea where that bag with all of the green stuff was I knew it wasn’t happening. This is why I think the mother goddess blessed me with all girls– basically if I miss a holiday that I spent over $100 to clothe 4 girls there’s always next year and someone will fit some of it so it’s not a complete waste. Have to think of the positives right?

On another note I got to work slightly early (probably due to the fact that 50% of Ann Arbor is getting ready to go to the bar already because they party hard here) so I had a chance to watch a few YouTube tutorials and I learned some fancy new tricks. I’m so excited to go home and try them. I’ll be sure to post my attempts at some point J Now I did have time to slap some makeup on my face today, but somehow out of the 10+ palettes I have currently in my vanity or the 20+ individual shadow colors I own I don’t own one non-smokey green.  Like literally WTF. I have like 7-10 more palettes in the unopened Ulta and Sephora boxes stacked in my corner but I didn’t have time for all that. I’m trying to drag my momma out tonight (my mom is literally my BFF) so there shall be some very interesting photos taken.  I guess I have to actually do some work now so until later *muahz*

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