My Messy Mind: Car Conversations #1

Sometimes some of the best conversations happen in the car. Sometimes the silliest conversations happen in the car.  Especially when said car is full of little ladies learning and experiencing life.  These conversations are real– enjoy!

Setting: Just picked up 4YO from preschool and on the way to pick up the other 3.  (My funniest conversations are with my 4YO…)

Me: So your teacher told me you were pretty popular today

4YO: Yea, I am

Me: So you have lots of friends huh?

4YO: Yea I have like 6 boyfriends

Me: What’s a boyfriend? Like a friend that’s a boy?

4YO: No, my boyfriend

Me: What does that mean?

4YO: It means I’m the boss of them

Me: (busting out laughing while sighing with relief) Ohhhhh okay

4YO: Yea it’s good to have boyfriends

A little later after we pick up the other 3 girls…

4YO: 7YO I have 6 boyfriends

7YO: No you don’t you can’t have 6 boyfriends you can only have 1

Me: What do you mean 7YO? You have a boyfriend?

4YO: 7YO likes so-and-so

Me: Whhhaaaaaaat? What do you mean like?

4YO: She wants to kiss him on the lips

7YO: Un Unnnnnn stop lying 4YO.

Me: 7YO you better not be kissing anyone anywhere

7YO: She’s lying mom. I don’t like so-and-so

4YO begins singing 7YO and so-and-so sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G

Me: Okay that’s enough, no one has any boyfriends. No one is kissing anyone. No one likes anyone.

7YO: Well 10YO likes so-and-so.

10YO screams at the top of her lungs in my tiny car: I DO NOT STOP LYING, MOM SHE’S LYING

Me: Okay everyone just be quiet. No more boyfriends until your 16.

4YO: I’m having boyfriends, who else will tell them what to do.

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