I tried it… and I liked it


Pre Heels is advertised as a spray that helps keep blisters away thus making wearing shoes more comfortable.  I bought pre-heels because I have a problem with buying pretty shoes and never wearing them because they tear my feet up, especially sandals.  I decided to give this a try with a pair of shoes that I’ve worn twice and both times I ended up with blisters on my big toe, a seriously rubbed pinky toe, and the tops of my feet were a mess.  I only sprayed on two layers, covering the top of my feet and my toes, the areas I knew these shoes bothered.  I wore them for 11 hours before taking them off and I can say that it worked!! I could clearly see where the shoe would have rubbed the top of my foot as the material was beginning to peel there, so would it have worked much longer who knows.  I had no blisters on my toes although they were very obviously red.  I will include pictures so you can see my feet after 11 hours in these shoes using pre-heels.

Avon Moisture Therapy Intensive Healing and Repair Body Lotion

I sold Avon for about a month (haha yea I know) and within that month I had accumulated such a surplus of this lotion I figured I may as well crack it open and begin using it.  I am hooked and I will never go back. I’m not saying this to get sales (as I am no longer a representative) but this shit works so well and has no smell what-so-ever.  I’m switching to Hempz to try for the month of May but this will definitely by a staple!

Norwex Cleaning Cloth and Paste

I know, I know.  Yes, this is one of the companies that your co-worker joins and you feel obligated to go to the party and spend money you don’t have.  Except this stuff is amazing. Norwex is advertised as an environmentally friendly way to clean your house (and has expanded to offer many other products as well).  This is definitely something you have to see to believe, their enviro-cloth can literally clean my stove. Their window cloth gives you streak-free clean using only the cloth and water.  I bought the paste as well which cleans grout, grease, marker, etc.  It works especially great on the wood floors she demo’d it on.  Oh and the eyeglass cleaners are unbeatable.  I feel like I just picked my glasses up from the optician each time I use it.  Love this product, although you’d have to find someone who sells it to try it.  I’m just saying go to the party if you get invited!

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